Corporate Wellness Specialist

Imagine right now…
You’re walking into a business and it’s buzzing with activity. The people are happy and smiling. The energy is contagious.
You feel satisfied with life. You have the energy to run around with the kids and dog, ride the hills, and complete that home project.
You know today will be a good one. And if it’s not, you’ll know how to get through without the unnecessary stress.
That’s what My Health Revolution is all about. Creating healthy, high performing workplaces and healthy, happy people.
– Sarah McGuinness, Founder

We're starting a revolution

When people feel better, they perform better

My Health Revolution is a new corporate wellness provider built on the combined experience of our awesome team of specialists.

Our team brings extensive knowledge and experience in behaviour change. We bring expertise in driving employee engagement and business improvement through wellbeing.

We will support you to build an organisation that thrives through wellness, giving you a competitive advantage.

Investing in your employees’ health and wellbeing can reduce absenteeism, increase engagement, and improve retention and productivity.

It can create a more resilient workforce and positive culture. Research suggests it can enhance your brand reputation and lead to greater commercial opportunities.

Change is in the air in 2019. Join the revolution with us.
Looking to boost wellness at your workplace? Join us for ideas, insights and inspiration.

We are:

Innovative & driven

We’re taking a fresh perspective, built on the combined expertise and experience of our awesome, passionate team of specialists.

Human in our approach

Our evidence-based, tailored approach supports and motivates organisations and their people to make real changes for better health and wellbeing.

In love with data and insights

We use our academic prowess to understand behaviour change so we can provide recommendations and support for sustainable outcomes.

How we work

Commonly, we hear businesses say they’ve tried wellness initiatives but found that employee motivation has waned or changes weren’t sustainable. We know that businesses achieve better results when wellness is personal. We collaborate with you to understand your business at a system and an individual-level for better engagement and participation.

We work with you to understand your business needs and goals


We then assess for a deeper understanding of the health of your people and organisation, and design a tailored wellbeing strategy


We work with you to bring the strategy to life and create real change in your business

Celebrate success

We track and monitor progress for successful results

All sound good?

Let’s chat and get started
1: Let’s chat

Contact us to chat about your business and the outcomes you’re looking to achieve.

2: Get started with data

How can you start without a road map? Get an early benchmark of the health of your people and their interest in wellbeing programmes with our Well-Check Survey.

3: Get your questions answered

Together, we’ll review your Well-Check Survey results and make suggestions for next steps for better health and wellbeing in your workplace.

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“At Scenic Hotel Group we wanted to enhance
wellness amongst the team but didn’t know where
to begin. The Well-Check survey allowed us to engage
with our team members to find out what would really
make a difference to them and what really mattered. We
now have the platform to deliver a meaningful program to
benefit both the team and the business.”

Craig Binney, Human Resources, Scenic Hotel Group

“[MHR] has a deep understanding of health and wellness from
both individual and organisational perspectives.”

Lloyd Mander, Trustee at Ōtautahi Community Housing and Ministry of Awesome