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First, why invest in wellbeing?
“Leadership commitment, positive communication, employee morale, social support and a healthy culture all appear to be so essential that they appear again and again in the research literature.”
Quick, Bennett & Hargrove, 2014

Stay ahead for a competitive edge

Globally, wellbeing is a huge growth industry estimated to be worth US $4.2 trillion. Major wellbeing trends include a greater focus on sustainable, ethical, intelligent, and meaningful experiences and products; a greater emphasis on mental health and self care; and a greater focus on diversity, purpose, inclusivity and ‘real life’.

Increasingly, employees and customers are looking to businesses to support their wellbeing and significant commercial opportunities exist to build loyalty, deliver value and stay ahead of competitors.

We all have a responsibility

Today, most businesses realise that investing in workplace wellbeing is not only the right (and legal) thing to do, it is also good for business.

While businesses cannot be responsible for total employee wellbeing (outside legislation), research from around the globe shows health and wellbeing can have a substantial impact on key business drivers including employee engagement, productivity and performance, and, ultimately, the bottom line.

Adapt with the changing world

The business landscape in New Zealand and around the globe is changing at a rapid rate, influenced by technology, globalisation, regulations and laws, social movements and environmental challenges. The workplace of today will not be the same workplace in five years’ time as organisations respond and adapt to stay competitive and remain sustainable.

At the heart of this response is people – workers – and their ability to cope and adjust to change. Responding adaptively involves personal resilience, flexibility, a sense of purpose, a sense of control and of course, a sense of wellbeing.

The way customers interact with organisations is also changing, with a greater emphasis on delivering an outstanding experience. Poor experiences can have a substantial impact on a business, its people and its ability to thrive.

The future is wellbeing

Over the next five to ten years, organisations such as the Global Wellness Institute and the World Economic Forum predict that the fragmented approach to workplace wellbeing programmes will disappear. Instead, it will become the norm to consider wellbeing as a fundamental part of business operations.

As it stands, nearly 70% of professionals in New Zealand state that work-life balance, including flexible working, is their top priority when seeking a new role, while nearly 60% of workers consider attitudes towards employee health as a key factor when choosing a new job.

Wellbeing is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’. It is now ‘business-as-usual’.

Sources: Global Wellness Institute, 2019; World Economic Forum, 2010; Diversity Works, 2015; WorkSafe Victoria, 2012, WorkSafe (New Zealand), 2019; Deloitte, 2017; PWC, 2018
So, how we can help you?

We understand your business drivers

From our research of over 100 New Zealand organisations, we understand that you’re keen to improve wellbeing within your organisation.

You also want to make sure that what you do fits in with your organisation’s strategic goals.

From our professional and academic experience, we know that taking a strategic approach will ensure that your investment is spent wisely for maximum effect.

To that end, no matter where your organisation is at on its wellbeing journey, we can help you to develop an innovative, consistent, inspiring and practical wellbeing strategy for your organisation.

We help you to achieve real results

Our approach is based on local and international best practice and the combined expertise of our professional, specialist team.

We know that a considered, consistent approach to wellbeing will give your organisation greater results, including improved employee attraction, engagement, retention, productivity, and performance, which can lead to better financial outcomes.

We also know that no organisation operates in isolation. We consider the breadth of your business, including customers and community connection, to ensure your business can enhance brand awareness and engagement, and market share, through wellbeing.

Learn and share

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Start talking

We offer wellbeing workshops for senior leaders and busy professionals to inspire and upskill.

Gain insight

Tailored to your business, we assess the wellbeing needs of employees and customers to enhance engagement.

Refine focus

Tailored to your business, we conduct organisation audits to establish what wellbeing support exists and the opportunities.

Set the strategy

Tailored to your business, we design wellbeing strategies linked to organisational objectives and measures.

Sustain results

We support your business to succeed at implementation and demonstrate return on investment.

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