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Wellbeing strategy & implementation

Maximize potential through wellbeing
No matter where your organisation is on its wellbeing journey, we can help you develop and implement an innovative, inspiring and practical wellbeing strategy for your organisation.

We understand your business drivers

From our research conducted over 100 New Zealand organisations, we understand that Kiwi businesses are keen to enhance wellbeing within their workplace. You want to positively support the mental and physical health of employees and enable your people to be their best at work.

At the same time, you want to be sure your workplace wellbeing program aligns with your organisation’s strategic goals.

From our professional and academic experience, we know that taking a strategic approach to wellbeing is critical.

Not only will it deliver positive results for employees and the business, but it will also ensure that your organisation’s investment is spent wisely for maximum effect.

We help organisations enhance wellbeing in a way that’s cost-effective and has a real impact and value.

We help you to achieve real results

We will work with you to design a wellbeing strategy based on your employees’ and business needs, then support you to implement the strategy so that it delivers the desired results.

To design the strategy, we undertake research to better understand the needs of your employees and your business so that we can develop a clear picture of the potential to enhance wellbeing in your organisation.

Measured against our evidence-based framework, this process enables us to develop a robust strategy to achieve real improvements in your organisation that make an investment in wellbeing worthwhile.

As part of our service, we can also give you the insight, support, resources and networks your business needs to deliver on its wellbeing strategy.

We can help you to set your people and your business up for success.

Need help designing and delivering a positive wellbeing strategy?

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