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Improve wellbeing at your workplace

We know that developing and maintaining a great employee wellbeing programme can be hard to do when you’re already managing a busy HR or health and safety role.

From our research of over 100 New Zealand organisations, we heard you say that you’re keen to improve wellbeing at your workplace but your time and budget are limited, and you want to make sure that what you’re doing fits in with your organisation’s goals.

Let us be your organisation’s workplace wellbeing manager so we can reduce the burden on you. No matter where your organisation is at on its wellbeing journey, we can provide innovative, consistent, inspiring and practical employee wellness support to your workplace.

A considered, consistent approach to wellbeing will give your organisation greater results, including improved employee attraction, engagement, retention, productivity and performance, which can lead to better financial outcomes (that should make the senior leadership team happy!).

What would you like us to do on your behalf?

We recommend that you start by choosing one or more of these items. The focus here is on working out what needs to be done, and how to best approach workplace wellness in a way that will get results.

Don’t feel like you have to do it all! Where you start will depend very much on where your organisation is at and the appetite for wellbeing.

How we partner with you

Our service is designed to give your organisation its own workplace wellbeing manager to help you as much or as little as you need, taking the pressure off you having to create workplace wellbeing initiatives that deliver value to everyone.

We’ll do the leg work to ensure your workplace wellbeing offering is aligned to your organisation’s strategy and will boost and maintain motivation and engagement across your employee group. We’ll provide a cost-effective, consistent presence on your behalf.

We know it’s not about just offering fruit bowls and gym memberships, but about lifting engagement, taking care of your most valuable asset – your people – and supporting your business to thrive.

Let’s get started!

The support your organisation will need depends very much on what you have in place already, and your vision for wellbeing across your organisation.

Give us a call today and we can discuss your situation and the next best steps for your organisation.

Review your organisation: How well is your workplace?

Taking a system-level approach, we’ll review the wellbeing of your workplace using our Well-Work framework. Our Well-Work framework is based on local and international best-practice principles for workplace wellbeing.

Against the framework, we will assess your existing workplace wellbeing data (e.g. engagement surveys, health and safety statistics, and employee feedback) and identify important wellbeing-related areas for you to focus on in the short and medium term.

We can also extend our review to customer insights if your product or service could benefit from harnessing increased consumer interest in health and wellbeing.

Take a pulse check: Get real insight into the wellbeing of your workforce

We know businesses achieve better outcomes when wellness is personal. Understanding the specific wellbeing needs of your employees is one of the most important steps you can take to creating a great workplace wellness approach.

Our Well-Check Survey provides you with rich, useful data that will assist in planning targeted, effective workplace wellness activities into 2019 and beyond. The Survey measures general health, health attitudes and behaviours, and interest in participating in workplace wellness initiatives.

Create a strategy: Plan to succeed

We will create a wellbeing strategy that enables and supports the development of a sustainable wellbeing culture across your organisation. The strategy will align with your organisation’s strategy and encompass measures by which to evaluate the return on investment.

If that sounds a bit much, we can start with a calendar of wellness initiatives for the year, tailored to your organisation. It doesn’t matter what you choose – just make sure you have a plan!

Engage leaders: Wellbeing starts at the top

Engaging with leaders across your organisation will ensure the success of your workplace wellness approach. We can:

(A) Compile a workplace wellbeing business case for your Board or senior leadership team.

(B) Facilitate a workshop to create a wellbeing framework and strategic wellbeing statement for your organisation that demonstrates leadership commitment.

(C) Contribute to your Board reports on a regular basis with wellbeing data and trends relevant to your organisation.

(D) Facilitate health promoting leadership workshops with leaders of all levels to help them understand their role as 'gatekeepers' to workplace wellbeing.

Create a network: Harness the passion of your wellbeing champions

Wellbeing champions are vital for keeping local initiatives going with enthusiasm across your organisation. If you don’t have a wellness committee, we can recruit champions and kick off the first meeting with aims, roles and responsibilities.

If you already have a committee, we can chair the committee to help the group deliver on your wellness strategy and to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Wellbeing initiatives

Once you have a strategy in place you’ll know what workplace wellbeing initiatives need to happen across your workplace. Here are some of the ways we can support you. The list is by no means definitive, so let us know if you have an idea not listed.

We can:

Design a happy, healthy campaign

There are plenty of healthy, happy things to celebrate and a dedicated campaign can just the support your employees need to make positive health behaviour changes. From mental health awareness month to winter warmer ideas, men’s health to diversity – we will partner with you to design and implement an effective, engaging month-long campaign.

Design healthy food options

Increasingly, employees would like healthy food options at work. Depending on the nature of your workplace, we will develop a healthy food guide in consultation with your employees to help facilitate more nutritious options. From morning tea ideas to cafeteria lunch options, vending machines to customer offerings – we know it’s not about chia seeds and fancy smoothies. Rather, it’s about serving good, wholesome tasty food.

Produce seasonal wellbeing content

We will produce seasonal, timely wellness content for your employee newsletter, intranet and noticeboards each month. We will work with your communications team to make sure it’s on brand, written in accessible language and is engaging and interesting to read.

Surprise and delight your people

We will organise and deliver an employee surprise and delight gift to say thanks for a job well done. Who doesn’t love a surprise ice-cream on a hot day, chocolates on Valentine’s Day, or movie tickets for a cold winter’s night?

It doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s the thought that counts.

Source workshop presenters

We will source a topic expert to deliver a memorable, engaging workshop for your employees. We have a vast network of specialists we can call on to deliver thought-provoking, engaging workshops. Topics include nutrition, relaxation, resilience, sport, cooking, seasonal gardening, financial health, sleep, arts and crafts and more.

Source an opportunity to give back

Volunteering is a great way to support your local community, build relationships and give back. We can source relevant and timely opportunities for your employees that will be meaningful and enjoyable and will make a world of difference to a charity or not-for-profit.


In addition to the options listed above, there will be some projects on your to-do list are that unique to your organisation.

It might be that you need some help implementing feedback from your latest engagement survey (why collect data if you’re not going to do anything with it, right?), or you’re looking to encourage discussion around mental fitness and wellbeing.

Perhaps your organisation would like to review how it supports the wellbeing of customers through it’s products and services.

Whatever it is in relation to wellbeing, let’s get it off your to-do list and into action.

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